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High Tank Rehabilitation


The 1 million gallon high tank was constructed in the late 1990s and is located on the corner of High St. and Forest Drive in Willow Springs.  The high tank is a crucial part of the water infrastructure and maintains good pressure and plenty of storage for emergencies.  Over the years the high tank begun showing sign of need of repair cosmically and internally.  This being such a crucial part of our system the Board of Commissioners decided to completely rehabilitate the high tank and bring it back to its original glory.  The tank was completely drained and taken out of service while inside welders and sandblasters were working hard to ensure she stays structurally sound and safe to hold your quality drinking water.  Since being completed the inside is cleaned, sealed, filled, chlorinated and sampled before it was put back into service. 

As for the outside of the tank it as been completely sandblasted and painted!  The tank is close to the color that it was and looks fantastic!  Along with the new paint job we have installed a new garage door and updated security for the tank.

Timeline: March 1st – June 15th