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Garden Lane, Frontage Rd and 76th Place

Water main replacement & street resurfacing.

October 11, 2022

Work has begun on Garden Lane! We are installing over 100 feet of new water main a day while doing our best to keep our work zone safe and tidy. “Road Closed” signs have been placed on each side of our work zone to limit traffic, but we will continue to make sure mail, garbage trucks, and buses make it through without an issue!

Work has begun!
Pre Construction Meeting July 18, 2022

We had a mandatory pre-construction meeting on site for the Garden Lane project.  6 different contractors attended with interest in bidding.

July 25, 2022

Official bid opening for the Garden Lane project.  3 contractors submitted bids. We will review and award the lowest bidder at the board meeting on Thursday July 28th!

July 28, 2022

The Garden Lane project has been awarded to the lowest bidder… Unique Plumbing!  We are very familiar with Unique Plumbing and they are the contractor that completed Cronin Ave in 2020-21.  Our residents were very pleased with their professionalism and cleanliness of the job on Cronin so we are very happy to be working with them for this Project.

August 1, 2022

We are still waiting for a permit from the IEPA and MSD but we anticipate the project will start September 1st.  The project is scheduled to last approximately 6 weeks weather pending and we will keep you posted once we have confirmed dates.

September 8, 2022

The JWSWC is about to begin the complete replacement of the water main and water services serving your property. This project will also include replacement of significant portions of the sanitary sewer and storm sewers as well as a repaving of the road surface on completion. Attached you will find a “Lead Notice” that is required to be provided to you by the IEPA when projects such as this are undertaken. While the JWSWC has no knowledge of any lead service pipes or leaded joints in the mains within this project scope limits, it is impossible to entirely rule out their presence in an underground system of this age. We encourage you to read and understand the attached notice and contact us with any questions.
Water service will generally be maintained during construction as the old main and services will stay in place until after the new main is completed, filled, tested and ready for service. Only then will we install new service lines within the public right of way and connect them to your existing private service line at about the property line. Only the portion of the service inside the public property (right of way) will be replaced.
When it is time to switch your service over to the new main and service, a relatively short service outage will be required to allow the old pipe to be cut and connected to the new one. Because the pace of construction is unpredictable we cannot yet predict a precise date or time when your service will be changed over, but you will receive a red tag notice 24-48 hours before it occurs that contains further instructions.

The JWSWC will continue to do its best to keep everyone up to date on the project status. You can view updates by visiting our website at clicking on projects and then Garden Lane. The Commission also has recently implemented an new emergency notification that will call your residence or cell phone if any emergency repairs, outages, or important messages need to be shared.
We appreciate your patience with us we work to better service you and help improve the important infrastructure of our water distribution system. If you have any questions a representative will always be present on the project, or you can call our office at 708-458-7010.