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Charelton Project

Water main replacement & street resurfacing.

UPDATE as of September 8, 2023

All water main is now installed, pressure tested and being sampled to be put into service.

July 31, 2023 – should be completed by December of 2023

Charleton Ave project consists of replacing over 2100 feet of water main from Vinewood Ave south to 87th Street which includes new connections to 40 homes.  We have worked closely with the Village of Willow Springs for this project and will also be replacing some storm sewers and doing some spot repairs to the sanitary system.  Due to the Village doing these repairs within our project it has become very cost effective as no bidding, mobilization, or restoration will be added to their cost since it is within our work zone.  Unique Plumbing has completed many projects with the JWSWC and have been known to be great to work with and very accommodating to the residents within the work zone.