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Marion Drive

Water Main and Resurfacing

February 28, 2024 – should be completed by November of 2024

Marion Drive is a Village of Justice grant project to relieve some of the storm retention and flooding issues on this specific street.  This street also has a water main that is in a state of repair dating from the late 1960’s.  JWSWC was excited to see this project come about as we have had many emergency repairs on this block and was already on radar for water replacement.  The Village of Justice in coordination with JWSWC staff and employees have included within the plans to replace almost 1200’ of the existing 6” water main with new 8” water main and include all building water services to the easement line.  The project is expected to begin next week, and the water main will be the first phase of the construction.  While the Village project is expected to be completed in November, the water main work is expected to only take one month to complete.